Sure! You are welcome to drop off your products here! Once we sign a contract, simply give us a Skype call or send a message via e-mail, so we can get ready to receive your product here.

Before our photographers start shooting, we ensure that we have good creative direction from our client, so to avoid possible misunderstandings. In case the mistake interpreting your direction is made (e.g. a product is captured backward / inside out / upside down), we will gladly make a reshoot for your product according to the corrections you’ve made free of charge. Along with offering our sincere apologies!

However, if after viewing the photographs the client decides that a different prop, angle, or other creative change that hasn’t been previously discussed should be applied, then we shall charge you a reduced rate for crafting additional photo work.

The most convenient way to learn about the prices is to contact us via Skype or e-mail listed on our contact page and provide as much valuable information as you can.

In case your product contains ‘secret recipes’ or deals with other sensitive information, you can send us all the necessary information after signing a non-disclosure agreement, so that will allow us to discuss the work openly.

The company has between 12 and 16 people working, depending on the day. We also have part-time assistants and interns that are involved on an irregular basis.

Even though we do not offer sample photos or free trial, our company maintains a wide photography portfolio. It is separated into categories for the client’s convenience, so you can take a close look before deciding to place an order.

The fastest answer will be “as much as possible”. Before we send you a contract, we need to know the following point:

  • The precise number of shots you want to order
  • The description of the product/products.
  • The way you would like them to be shot. The more we know about the angles, props, locations, etc., the more opportunities we have to fit your vision.

Without the information listed above, we must apply our ‘best judgment’ for shots and creative direction. Fortunately, after dealing with hundreds of clients and producing hundreds of photos, our professional instincts are very well developed. Yet, a chance that your product is photographed wrong way, or the photo doesn’t fit your idea can be much higher without exact instructions.

Even though we do not offer sample photos or free trial, our company maintains a wide photography portfolio. It is separated into categories for the client’s convenience, so you can take a close look before deciding to place an order.

We offer a very generous standard license to our clients. It allows you to use the photographs in any regular business capacity.

Every produced image is licensed entirely to the client’s company and can be used for websites, eCommerce sales, social media and other web advertising along with internal print usage, which includes product packaging, brochures, and booklets.

Our extended license is available for those clients, who need the editorial use of the image or large prints, such as magazine and billboard ads, TV commercials and print displays. They are offered at market rates.

To learn more about the extended licenses and their quotation feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you!

Numerous customers make inquiries about such an important question of copyrights and usage licenses for the photo works. The truth is that copyrights and photography usage licenses function exactly the same way as for movies or music.

When you buy Ariana Grande’ CD from the music store, you do not automatically possess the copyrights to the music of hers. Neither you own the copywrites on Star Wars after buying a Blu Ray of the movie. And you don’t even question, why so. You know very well that by getting a DVD you are purchasing a license to use that item in very specific ways. You listen to Ariana Grande’ songs in your car, but you are not expecting to use her songs in a movie or even YouTube video without paying for a special license. It will explain you more if you read a usage license for a film on the DVD covers. It clearly states that you cannot present the movie to an audience without having to pay a royalty to the producer.

The same rule applies to photography. Each photo is instantly copyrighted to the person who shot it and protected by U.S. law unless the opposite is indicated. Even though many photographers themselves do not realize it, it applies regardless of a model, a client or an owner of the camera. Handing you one of our cameras and asking to press the button, we can make you an owner of the copywrites without any additional paperwork or legal registration with the Copyright Office of the United States, even though the equipment is ours.

What does it mean to transfer our copyright to a client? It means that we renounce all rights to the image, including our right to feature the photographs on our company’s website. In case of transferring our copyright via ‘copyright buyout’, we would be obliged to remove them from our own portfolio, too.

However, there is an unconcealed advantage to let Terzzy Agency maintaining the copyright. If by any chance your photos are stolen by another business, which is quite often to happen, we can arrange a DMCA takedown, so the violating websites will have to remove your image within hours or maximum a couple of days. A very convenient way to protect your materials, isn’t it?

As much as we respect you, we are against violation of Amazon’s terms of use. A few times it happened to us, we felt so much excited about the products that some of us logged on, leaving a passionate review on Amazon. However, we believe it will not be ethical to suggest this as a favor or additional service. We can leave our comments with a photo on the product pages in the social networks.

You surely may. Yet, we strongly recommend the dispatcher to pack the product properly, so the package and the product itself wouldn’t get scratched or crumpled. It is very important, as product photography should be the best possible representation of your products.

Products often contain minor manufacturer flaws, which do not affect the purchaser’s enjoyment, however, create a considerable challenge for photography, as even minor flaws or scratches may look very vivid on camera. A number of our clients, who are Shopify or Amazon sellers, book product photography for their Shopify storefronts or Amazon listings, while and Amazon FBA or another distribution company often place cardboard packaged products in padded envelopes, therefore the packaging arrives damaged. Even though this wouldn’t be an issue for most consumers, as the packaging seems to be unimportant, it’s a fairly big problem for photographers, who are hired to photograph the packaging.

Certainly, repairing boxes, packaging and light cosmetic damage is possible using Photoshop. However, it takes time, effort and has its cost.

Generally speaking, the turnaround time for white background product photography commissions that consist of 100 shots or less is about 7 days. We always do our best to finish projects in the shortest terms, to have enough room for new orders.

After the photo shooting or receiving photos from the client, it takes us 3 days to design one Amazon listing of 8 images.

In case your project requires having a model, we align our schedules with the agenda of the models and our stylist/makeup artist, therefore the turnaround time might be increased by a few days. While it is not quite possible to provide an exact turnaround time for complicated lifestyle projects in advance, as soon as we receive your products, most certain we will have a better understanding of our current workload, so we will be able to inform you about the timing.

If the client requests a shorter turnaround time, our company offers 1-2 day rush processing (only projects with the design based on ready photos or a white background photo shooting) for an extra 25%.

Absolutely! You may foot the bill for sending your products back in the most convenient way for you, and we will ship you the product right after the photographs are approved.

We kindly ask you not to send us prepaid post office labels, since we have no possibility of scheduling a pickup and rarely find the mail carrier for our building.

Our company offers a beneficial discount on booking a larger quantity of product photography. Yet, we do not offer any additional discounts. This is our general rule, as we believe it wouldn’t be fair to other clients of ours. Starting a long-term cooperation with a new client, the first project is always very important for further successful business relations.

We often receive this question, but we cannot find any reasonable excuse to charge a newcomer a lower rate than our long-term business clients. After several shots, if you suddenly discovered that we were giving the same service to a brand new client for a lower price, you would be understandably disappointed.

Besides, you can always enjoy taking advantage of Terzzy Agency’s quantity based discounts. This is easy to do – just place a larger order of product photography!