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My name is Krystel. I am in love with Photography and Graphic Design.
Art was always part of my life, this is not just a work for me, it’s a passion!
I believe – a good image is the most powerful tool to catch people attention.
If you want to take your business to the next level – I’m here to help!
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Softwares Used by Amazon Sellers | Great Amazon FBA Tools for Sellers in 2020

A good Amazon Seller’s Manager should be knowledgeable in many fields of Amazon’s activity:

How to write a cool and converting Product Detail Page

What is the estimated demand for a new product?


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How to Create Product Photos for Amazon: Listings, Lifestyle & More

Want to learn how to take photos for Amazon and turn them into powerful product images that sell more products?

In this article,i cover Amazon Product Image Requirements, How to Take Product Photos at Home.

Fun Fact: Airbnb DOUBLED their bookings by adding higher quality photos.

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Amazon Product Listings: Optimization 2020 & Guidelines For Increased Traffic

With an 8% incline in the overall competition from last year on Amazon, you can interpret that sellers are using different strategies to make their Amazon product listings rank and perform better on the marketplace.




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10+ Easy & Effective Strategies for Amazon Product Ranking

Any online seller who’s looking to sell more and grow his business understands that Amazon is a great marketplace. The only problem is, it’s highly competitive.

Can you imagine competing against thousands of other businesses for that coveted spot on the search page? If you want high product ranking, you should understand Amazon’s ranking aspects.

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